About Kendra Swalls

Nice to meet you!

Hey there, I’m Kendra Swalls - owner and photographer of Paisley Layne Photography.

People often refer to me as the ultimate girl’s girl. Not because I love pink or spend hours in the makeup section of Ulta (it’s actually quite the opposite), but because I truly love spending time with other women. Whether it’s a girl’s night out with my closest friends, chatting with the other moms at school pick up or hanging out with my amazing clients during their session, I live for the connections and community that come from those relationships.

My passion, and the reason I started Paisley Layne Photography, is to help women see themselves, and their beauty, the way the rest of the world sees them. I want to provide you with a reflection of your best self, and a constant reminder of just how beautiful you truly are.

When I’m not behind the camera you can find me chasing my kids around, hanging out on the patio with a glass of wine or perusing the aisles of Target, doing my best to convince myself that I really do need the 5 extra items I added to my cart.

Still here? Let’s grab some coffee (or wine) and start planning your perfect session!


5 Favorites:

1. Favorite Food - I love anything and everything Tex-Mex - tacos, guacamole & margaritas, oh my!!

2. Favorite musician or band - It changes all the time, but I always come back to souful country music. Right now I am loving Marien Morris and Chris Stapleton. But I also love to throw in a little Pop to mix it up from time to time - Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars & Ed Sheeran! 

3. Favorite vacation spot- The beach will always be my first choice

4. Favorite Movie - Comedy would probably be Pitch Perfect or Bad Moms - Drama would have to be A Time to Kill or the Lincoln Lawyer (can you tell I like Matthew McConaughey

5. Favorite TV show - FRIENDS , Game of Thrones, This is Us and Modern Family

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