Senior Session location ideas

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Senior Portraits

Oct 29, 2018

Senior Session location ideas

Senior portraits have come a long way from traditional cap and gown photo in front of a watercolor backdrop to mini model sessions with multiple wardrobe changes and locations. While it’s a fun and exciting experience, it can also be overwhelming when you think of all the options. Let me help you out by giving you a few tips to consider when choosing the location that is right for you and your style.

1 – Where do you go, or what do you do when you have had a stressful day and just want to relax?

Do you like to go for a run after a long day or would you rather curl up in a cozy chair with a book. Thinking about the things that comfort you and calm you can give you some ideas for you senior session location. If you love to run, maybe we head to a local nature trail and get some action shots. Or if you prefer the cozy chair we find a cute bookshop or coffee shop to shoot in. You want to look back at your photos and remember this time in your life, so incorporating locations that remind you of your best times is a great way to do that!

Location ideas


2 – What are you hobbies?

Adding hobbies into your session isn’t anything new. People are constantly brining musical instruments, sports equipment and other ‘props’ to their session. But maybe you take it a bit further. If you love music then maybe we head to a music shop or a local record store. Is swimming your thing? Take your session to the pool. This is the part that gets me excited as a photographer. I love the challenge and creativity of shooting somewhere unique and special to you. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box

Senior Portrait Location Ideas Senior Portrait Location Ideas


3 -Do you have pets or love animals?

Maybe you have a family pet Or  you love animals in general. Incorporating pets into your session is always a fun idea. BUT, you can really take your session to the next level when you make your location per inspired. This could be something as simple as the barn where your horse is stabled OR really take it up a notch and head to your local zoo to add some exotic animals to your background. 

Senior Portrait Location IdeasSenior Portrait Location Ideas


4 -Do you play sports or are you on a team of any kind?

If you run track then let’s head to your high school track and start your session there. There are tons of options when it comes to sports related locations. Even if your high school gym or fields aren’t available, we can always find something that has the same look and feel you are going for. 

Senior Portrait Location Ideas


5 -Do you prefer nature?

Are you a nature lover? Do you dream of a sun soaked session in a field of tall grass. Or maybe you love a more forrest-like location. The nice things about nature locations is that they are everywhere! You can find some of the most beautiful nature locations in neighborhood parks. Want something more manicured? Head to your local botanic garden for beautiful flowers, and well manicured lawns. 

Senior Portrait Location IdeasSenior Portrait Location Ideas


6-Or are you a city girl at heart?

Do downtown city light makes you smile? If you love the idea of getting dressed up, putting on some heels and finding that perfect skyline view, then an urban location is perfect for you. Even is “downtown” isn’t what you are going for, you can always find a cute shopping center, city square or colorful graffiti wall to use as your session backdrop. Just keep in mind that these areas are likely to be more populated, so plan to go on a day when there is less foot traffic….and always check ahead of time for any special events taking place. 

Senior Portrait Location IdeasSenior Portrait Location Ideas


7- What is your favorite hang out spot?

Where do you and your friends spend most of your free time? Places such as coffee shops, book stores, cute ice cream shops or museums can make for really fun and unique backdrops. It also adds a fun personal touch to your photos. Bring a couple of friends along for your session and get some group shots in. Especially if you and your BFFs are headed in different directions for college, you will cherish those photos for years to come! 

Senior Portrait Location IdeasSenior Portrait Location Ideas


8- What are you planning to wear?

Your outfits of choice can be a big deciding factor in where you go for you session. If you envision a fancy dress and heels, then a local park might not be the right option for you. If what you wear is the main focus of your plans, then let your wardrobe help you decide the location.

Senior Portrait Location Ideas


9-Does your family have a location that is meaningful to them?

As a kid, my family would go to the same lake almost every weekend in the summer. We would take the boat out and go tubing or just float around on rafts. It was a big part of my childhood. Do you have a location like this? Maybe it’s somewhere you and your mom go for brunch or a vacation spot you love. If it means something to you, then it’s a great location for your session

Senior Portrait Location IdeasSenior Portrait Location Ideas


10- Where are you planning to go to school next year?

More likely than not you already have you sights set on the future and your new home away from home. If your college of choice is local then considered incorporating it into your senior session. Put on your favorite college t-shirt and show off your future school colors. IF you want to mix a little bit of old with new, start your session at your high school and end it at your college campus.

Senior Portrait Location Ideas


If you still aren’t sure where you want to go for your session, ask your photographer. I bet he/she has shot at a ton of locations in your area and can give you the run down on what best fits your vision. Don’t be afraid to share your outfit ideas, favorite spots and idea boards on Pinterest for inspiration. This is your time to shine and you deserve to get the images you have dreamed of! 



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