Rediscover Yourself….

You have spent most of your life trying to fit into someone else's version of who you should be...

The 'good girl'

The ideal wife

The best employee

The perfect mom

While trying to be ALL.THE.THINGS you lost sight who you REALLY are! 

It's time to rediscover yourself! It's time to been seen for WHO you are instead of WHAT you are. 

You are so much more than a wife, a co-worker, a friend or a mom!

You are a woman who deserves to feel like a queen! 

The Boudoir


You walk into the studio feeling both nervous and excited….

There is music playing and a glass of champagne is waiting for you. You take a seat as the stylist begins to bring out your inner supermodel with professional hair and make-up. Once you are styled and ready to go, you spend the next hour feeling gorgeous and sexy in front of the camera....something you didn't think would feel as comfortable as it does. Time flies by and before you know it, you are walking out the door feeling more beautiful and amazing than you ever thought possible. The gorgeous images you walk away with are the icing on the cake, because the real treat was the experience of doing something to celebrate your beautiful self!

Go Behind the Scenes

Want to know what a boudoir session is like? Check out this fun behind the scenes video! 

About the Artist

Hi There!

I’m Kendra Swalls - owner and photographer of Paisley Layne Photography.

People often refer to me as the ultimate girl’s girl. Not because I love pink or spend hours in the makeup section of Ulta (it’s actually quite the opposite), but because I truly love spending time with other women. Whether it’s a girl’s night out with my closest friends, chatting with the other moms at school pick up or hanging out with my amazing clients during their session, I live for the connections and community that come from those relationships.

My passion, and the reason I started Paisley Layne Photography, is to help women see themselves, and their beauty, the way the rest of the world sees them. I want to provide you with a reflection of your best self, and a constant reminder of just how beautiful you truly are.

When I’m not behind the camera you can find me chasing my kids around, hanging out on the patio with a glass of wine or perusing the aisles of Target, doing my best to convince myself that I really do need the 5 extra items I added to my cart.

Still here? Let’s chat and start planning your perfect photo shoot.


The Process


Choose Your Collection


Contact me to book your session


Relax and enjoy your session


After your session you will get to view your images the same day and choose your beautiful heirloom products.

Products: Albums begin at $550 | Wall Art begins at $330 

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