Your New Favorite App

Imagine having a list of all the best locations and studios in the palm of your hand + creative posing guides and a community of photographers to connect and grow with. 

  • No more waiting for someone to respond to your Facebook post looking for a location 
  • No more driving around for hours looking for the best spots
  • No more dead-end Google searches

Sound too good to be true? Lucky for you, it's not!

Introducing The Photographer Hub - the all-in-one app that turns your phone into the perfect photography assistant.

Your app includes:

  • A Built in Community with groups for specific locations and photography genres (Like a Faceboook Group only WAY better!!)

  • Location Library with over 100+ outdoor locations that can be filterd by type and locale

  • Studio Library with 100+ studios that are desigend to help you be creative

  • Posing Guides to inspire and motivate you to step outside your comfort zone

  • PLUS - bonus content and special offers added regularly including local vendors (hair/make-up artists and rental companies) and new cities coming soon (for those of you with photography wanderlust!)

COST: $7.99/mo or pay $79 annually and get 2 months for FREE!

Sign up now to get access to all the best locations, studios and a community of incredible photographers ready to support you!