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What to do with your boudoir photos {DFW Boudoir Photographer}

“I already know what I want…I need 4 large wall prints from my session”

This was an email I received from a client a week before her session. I loved that she knew what she wanted, but my curiosity was also peaked as to what she was planning to do with her images.

During her session we started chatting and I asked her about her request for the wall art. She told me that she was redecorating her master bathroom and turning it into a sanctuary for herself. A place to relax and get away from the world. She wanted to surround herself with beautiful things, including images that will serve as a reminder to herself that she is beautiful.


I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the question “What do I do with my boudoir photos?” 

I realize that you probably aren’t going to hang a photo of you in lingerie over your fireplace – or maybe you are, no judgement! So, I offer a variety of options for ways to showcase the gorgeous images from your session.


One of the most popular, and most requested, product is the Little Black Book Album. This is the perfect way to keep your photos in one discreet place. A lot of clients want to give their photos as a gift to a significant other and an album makes the perfect gift. 

Here at Paisley Layne Photography, I offer three album options.

  1. The LITTLE Black Book – this is a 6×6 album that holds 10 images. It’s a great size for a Groom’s gift and easily tucks away is a night stand drawer. 
  2. The EXQUISITE Album – This is an 8×8 album with a beautiful leather cover and holds a minimum of 20 images. The great thing about this album is that you have more room to get creative with the layout of your images. Instead of one image per page, you can have multiple images OR create a two page spread with one of your favorite images. This album keeps your images discreetly hidden for those times when your mother-in-law or grandmother come to visit.
  3. The LUXE Album – This album is an 8×8 square album just like the EXQUISITE album, however the cover is a premium leather, the pages are thicker and it comes with a gorgeous leather keepsake box. The box is a lovely way to store your album or other keepsake items. I have had clients tell me that they use the box as a memory box for special items between her and her significant other.

Boudoir photosBoudoir photosBoudoir photosBoudoir photos

Boudoir photos


While albums are a great way to gift your images to a significant other, maybe you want something more versatile. Enter the GLASS BOX!

The GLASS BOX is designed to hold up to 50 4×6 Fine Art Linen prints. These prints are STUNNING in person. They are also a great way to switch out the images you want to display.

The box comes in three finishes – Gold, Rose Gold and Black. It is also customizable allowing you to add your name or a favorite phrase/word on the top. You can use the box to hold your images OR remove the images and use it to hold jewelry and keepsakes. This is by far one of my FAVORITE products!


If you are like the clients I mentioned at the beginning of this post, and you want to display your images on your walls or on a shelf, there are two products I highly recommend.

1. Framed Prints – these are the most classic and elegant way to display your favorite image(s) from your session. I bet your significant other would love having a gorgeous photo of you on his nightstand!

2. Metal Prints – I am in LOVE with metal prints. They are exactly what they sound like – your image is printed on a think piece of metal that you can display on a shelf or hang on your wall. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. The client that wanted images for her master bathroom ended up purchasing the metal prints because they are going to hold up really well to moisture and heat during all those steamy showers 🙂 

Boudoir photosBoudoir photos

So if you choose to order wall art – what do you do with it? 

There are three locations that I feel are great places to hang your boudoir images.

  1. THE BOUDOIR – Your bedroom is a wonderful place to hang your images. You could create a gallery to hang over the bed or night stand. If you want something more discreet, try hanging them behind the door so they are only visible when the door is closed, or on a side wall that isn’t visible to anyone walking past your room.

Boudoir photos

2.  THE MASTER CLOSET – It’s not likely that your dinner guests are going to hang out in your master closet, so hanging your boudoir images there are a great way to ensure they aren’t going to been seen by your husband’s boss during your holiday party 🙂 It’s also a great place to have a reminder of how gorgeous you are. 

Boudoir photos


3. THE MASTER BATH – Ever since that client mentioned hanging photos in her master bath I have been dying to redecorate my master bath. How wonderful would it be to have an Oasis to retreat to at night where you could light some candles, turn on some music and soak in a hot bath. Even better if your Oasis is decorated with gorgeous art work where you are the subject. 

Boudoir photosBoudoir photos


Which product(s) do you prefer?

Have you considered a boudoir session? Are you curious about what they include? Join my private FACEBOOOK GROUP and hear from past clients about their experience. I can’t wait to show you are gorgeous you are!






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