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While fashion is not exactly my highest priority each day (yoga pants are my uniform) I LOVE following incredible style influencers on social media. There are tons of fashion bloggers out there, and while they all have something great to offer, I prefer to keep it close to home.   Texas is unique in so…

March 20th will officially mark the first day of Spring this year, but here in Texas it has felt like Spring for quite a while. I absolutely LOVE Spring! I would have to say that it is by far my most favorite season. The mornings are cool and crisp while the afternoons and evenings are…

It’s a typical morning as I stand in my closet looking for something to wear for the day. I want an outfit that is cute and stylish, yet comfortable at the same time. I flip through hanger after hanger of tops, pants and dresses not quite finding anything I like. This top is too small….

As I stand in front of the full length mirror all kinds of negative thoughts go through my mind. Since having my daughter I have gained more weight than I am I willing admit, my stomach is no longer flat, my legs are not lean and toned and my arm fat jiggles when I wave….