Texas style influencers

15 Texas Style Influencers You Need To Follow

Jul 20, 2017

Texas style influencers

While fashion is not exactly my highest priority each day (yoga pants are my uniform) I LOVE following incredible style influencers on social media. There are tons of fashion bloggers out there, and while they all have something great to offer, I prefer to keep it close to home.


Texas is unique in so many ways, including its fashion trends. While those lovely ladies in the north are sporting their light layers and cute jeans all summer, down here we are sweating our a** off in our shorts and tank tops. When I want fashion tips, I want it from someone who knows what’s hot in my own town (pun intended)!


So, to help feed your shopping additions, I have compiled a list of my 15 favorite style influencers from around the state of Texas – most being right here in the Dallas area. Check them out, follow them on Instagram and let me know who else I should add to this list!


P.S. There are in no particular order


  1. @myviewinheels – Jaclyn is Canadian born, but has made her way down to Dallas and hopefully isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I think the southen life suits her! I met Jaclyn recently when she did a boudoir session with me and she is just the sweetest. Texas fashion blogger
  2. @adoseofemily – Emily is just about the cutest ever! Her to-die-for hair and perfect smile jump out at you from her pictures. She is the kind of girl that you feel could be your best friend. She and I are going to be working together soon so keep an eye out for more from her soon!fashion influencer
  3. @kerrently – You can’t really talk about Texas fashion without mentioning Courtney Kerr. She has serious style and her blog is amazing!Texas fashion blogger
  4. @champagneandchanel – This Houston girl has her Instagram game on point. Every image is gorgeous and she always looks effortlessly put together. I kind of want to be her best friends even though she is way cooler than me 🙂 fashion influencer
  5. @kateymcfarlan – Katie is a Fort Worth girl after my own heart with her flawless style, gorgeous home (from what I see in her pictures….I’m not stalking her) and adorable little girl.Texas fashion blogger
  6. @alexis.belbel – I came across Alexis’ IG feed by accident one day and was immediately sucked in. I love her laid-back style and “real life” looks. Almost every outfit looks like something I would actually want in my closet.fashion influencer
  7. @jaimeshrayber – When I first came across Jaime’s IG feed I was certain that her style was too “young” for me. So when I learned that she is a mom of 3, I realized that I no longer have an excuse for my yoga pants and t-shirts.Texas fashion blogger
  8. @thetrendytomboy – Austin,Tx is one of my all time favorites cities. It has its own vibe and style and Rachel captures that perfectly in her IG feed fashion influencer
  9. @brightonkeller – I am going to out myself here – I didn’t know who Brighton was until a friend was going through images from a wedding I shot and saw her in one of the candid shots. I had no clue I was in the presence of Dallas fashion royalty J Ever since then I have been following her and can’t get enough of her IG posts!Texas fashion blogger
  10. @krystalschlegel – while I am usually drawn to more colorful IG feeds, this one has a really classic feel to it that I can’t get enough of. She takes basic, neutral items and turns them into amazing outfits that look good every.single.timefashion influencer
  11. @kaseygoedeker – Kasey’s style is perfect for the everyday girl on the go. She showcases items that are comfortable, yet stylish.Texas fashion blogger
  12. @allthingstaylored – First of all, I love catchy names and this is the amazing! Taylor is newer to the Dallas blogging world so go follow her and let’s show this gorgeous girl some love!fashion influencer
  13. @_mackenziebay_ – This Dallas girl looks seriously fun to hang out with. I love all the bright colors and personality she infuses into her posts.Texas fashion blogger
  14. @jessi_afshin – This girl loves dogs and fashion – that’s pretty much means she is awesome! She is an Austin girl who really knows how to put together a great outfit.Texas fashion blogger
  15. @caroline_joy – A few years ago I wrote a blog post of trying out this new idea of a “capsule closet”. Basically you pair down your closet to just the basics, then use those to create a variety of outfits. The idea came from Caroline. She has mastered the art of minimalism when it comes to fashion – yet always looks so put together. It’s impressive!fashion influencer


I hope you found some new fashion inspiration and a few new IG feeds to follow. Please do not send me your shopping bills – I take no responsibility! 🙂


If you want more great style – come check out the Dallas StyleCon event Sept. 23rd. I’ll be there taking pictures and share information about my fashion, glamour and boudoir sessions. There are going to be TONS of amazing style influencers from around the country there and it’s going to be amazing. I hope to see you there!



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