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4 Tips to Being More Confident During a Boudoir Shoot

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Boudoir shoots are the perfect gift to your special someone or a great way to celebrate yourself and your beauty. Some women can walk into a boudoir shoot with little to no fear and be completely open. Although, there are plenty of women that want to do a session but are a little uncomfortable about the idea of it. When you go into it feeling uncomfortable and unopen it makes your confidence level fall. Here are 4 tips to help you feel more confident and comfortable during a boudoir photoshoot. 

Embrace Yourself 

This is going to be the number one rule to feeling and acting confident during the shoot. It can be easy to walk into it feeling insecure about all the aspects of your body that you don’t like. Trust me, all of us ladies have something we don’t really enjoy about our bodies. The whole point of a boudoir is to embrace yourself and show off your body and everything you do love about it. You need to walk into the shoot thinking and feeling like you are the most beautiful and sexy woman there is. When you go into a photography session embracing yourself, it shows in all the pictures. Your confidence will radiate through every single image. It will be such a great album to have, look back on and remember how sexy you can be and how confident you can feel in your skin. 

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It’s Just for Fun

It’s important to go into this venture with the understanding that it isn’t that serious. Yes, these photos will probably be seen by other people and you want to look your best but it should still be a fun experience. You should sign up for a boudoir with the excitement of having a fun photoshoot to show off everything about yourself that you love and embrace. I, personally, love doing boudoir shoots and find it fun to build a connection and make someone feel beautiful. Go into this session with a fun and excited attitude and you will be more comfortable. Your poses will come so much more naturally rather than taking it too serious and trying to get the perfect pose down. Some of your best pictures will be the candid’s when you were having fun and feeling good in your own skin. 

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Wear What Makes You Comfortable 

This is a pretty big factor to feeling confident during a boudoir shoot. If you pick out a bunch of lingerie that you think is expected to be worn during a boudoir then you won’t feel comfortable. This photoshoot is for YOU. If you don’t feel as comfortable in a lacey bra with the matching thong and stockings then go with something that is more your speed. A boudoir is whatever you want it to be. I have done plenty of shoots where the women wear a silk nightgown or a big T-shirt and some panties. It is what they feel confident and sexy in and it made for a great session and some great photographs. If you choose lingerie that you are not confident in then not only will you feel uncomfortable throughout the whole session but you will be unhappy with the final images. Wearing what makes you comfortable will make you more confident in yourself and make the whole experience one to remember. 

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Build a Connection with the Photographer 

It can already be a little bit of a different experience having a random person take pictures of you in your intimates. Therefore, it is important to choose a photographer that you feel will make you comfortable throughout the whole session. It can be hard to determine this based off their social media or website so try to make direct contact with some of your top picks. Talk with them about your vision for this shoot and try to build a connection. If you feel comfortable throughout the messaging/phone conversation then maybe see if they are free to meet up for some coffee. I love meeting up with new prospective clients and getting to know them. For me, I try to make it a big point to talk before the pictures while you get your hair and makeup done. It will loosen some of those nerves and allow you to see me more as a friend rather than a random photographer. 

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A boudoir is going to be new and exciting experience but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a little uncomfortable to think about. If you practice these 4 tips and make it a point to feel comfortable and confident then you will rock this photoshoot and come out of it with pictures you will love forever. 

A picture is worth a thousand words....yours will leave them Speechless!

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