In Ink Weddings {Brand Session Spotlight}

Aug 3, 2021

I recently got to spend an afternoon with Sydney Meyer from In Ink Weddings, creating a fun and playful brand session for her new business.

DFW Personal Brand Photographer

Let’s get to know Sydney and In Ink Weddings:

Who does your business serve and how do you serve them?

Engaged love birds of all kinds! In Ink is an event coordination service that curates bright, memorable weddings and takes away the stress of running the big day.

What made you decide to start a business?

I knew I loved planning large gatherings/travel and organization is my greatest strength, but I feel such a joy when I make a person’s day by celebrating them. After working remotely for a year I loved the freedom that came with it, including running my day to day operations. Cue, starting my own wedding coordination business. When you’re truly passionate about something, it makes it easier to take the scary leap!

What has been your biggest struggle?

Accepting the fact that I cannot do it all. There are so many talented people out there that have helped me launch my business – logo/website designers, wisdom from entrepreneurs, amazing photographers like Paisley Lane, even an amazing hair and makeup artist! Burn out comes when we try to do “it” all by ourselves. Once I started outsourcing help to get In Ink up and running, a huge weight was lifted.

Is there anything that has surprised you about being a business owner?

I’m just at the starting line of the entrepreneurial world, but what has surprised me most is how many people doubt their amazing products/services behind closed doors. This is where community and camaraderie comes in – I’m already humbly learning that in this sphere of the business world, we need to champion one another and remind each other why we started to begin with!

Why did you decide to book a branding session?

I wanted to invest in myself and show friends, family, and future clients I believe in the beauty and success of In Ink – a photo speaks a thousand words! 🙂

If you could give a new business owner ONE piece of advice what would it be?

Create relationships with entrepreneurs inside and outside of your industry – at some point, you’ll see an amazing symbiotic relationship bloom!I

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The wedding world has been crazy this year! In Ink still has dates open for Fall 2021 coordination. Serving Dallas/Austin, TX and beyond!

You can get to know Sydney and In Ink Weddings at the following links:

If you are interested in learning more or booking your own personal brand photo shoot use the contact form below to get in touch.



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