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The Mind of a Shopper

How much should I charge?   This is by far the most popular question among small business owners. Everyone has their opinion on how thing should be priced, what type of business model is best and what your product is worth.   In reality, it’s not up to USwhen it comes to making these decisions. The REALdetermining factor…

The Business Of Blogging

When was the last time you wrote a blog post?    What was it about?   This is the question I ask a lot of my mentoring clients when they start talking about their lack of new client inquiries or ask for marketing tips.   The response they give usually goes something like this:  …

Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing 101 As a business owner you have probably heard that email marketing is a great way to reach your target audience and get more business. And it’s true! But when you are first starting out, setting up an email list, designing emails, and coming up with something to say can be a little…