Toni and Todd’s Lucky Spur Ranch Wedding, Justin, Texas

Apr 15, 2018

Toni and Todd’s wedding was definitely one for the books! I knew that I was going to adore their wedding day as soon as I met them before their engagement shoot! I was expecting a love filled, fun day and that is exactly what they had. Toni and Todd’s wedding was at the Lucky Spur Ranch venue in Justin, Texas. It was a gorgeous, slightly chilly October day. The wedding party spent the night out at the ranch the night before the wedding, everyone felt right at home at this rustic venue!

The morning of the wedding, Todd sent Toni a bouquet of flowers as a reminder of how excited he was to marry her. It was swoon worthy for sure! Toni gifted Todd a photo of her wearing his football jersey over her wedding dress. Toni and Todd’s ceremony was breath taking. Their dog was part of the wedding party, this was the cherry on top. Following the super sweet ceremony, the reception started and the venue was filled with laughter and dancing! Toni’s adorable nephew was the star of the dance floor! Toni and Todd ended their wedding day in a shower of bubbles blown by all of their closest friends and family. 

Each wedding and each couple that I get to meet are so special. I am so thankful that I am able to use my passion to capture your most precious memories! Ceremony



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