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Do I really need a wedding coordinator? {DFW Wedding Photographer}

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Weddings are expensive! You have the venue, the dress, flowers, cakes, photography, invitations….the list goes on and on. So the idea of paying someone to coordinate your wedding day can seem like an added expense that just isn’t worth it.

I have shot a lot of wedding over the past year and only about 25% of them have had wedding coordinators to help the day run smoothly. I cannot tell you the difference it makes! Not only does it make my job easier, but the brides that have coordinators are 150% more relaxed and are able to enjoy their day without the stress of every little detail.

Consider these two scenarios….

Wedding #1 – No Wedding Coordinator

Bride ‘A’ is a self-proclaimed “do it yourself” kind of bride. She doesn’t see the value in paying for things that she, or people she knows, can do instead. Prior to her wedding she and I sit down to go over the wedding day schedule. She doesn’t have much of a plan for the day other than the ceremony start time. I offer suggestions on how to schedule her day and then we plan a time for me to arrive for wedding party photos. Her wedding day arrives and she is getting ready at the hotel about 5mi away from the wedding venue. I arrive at the scheudled time only to find that no one is ready, the bride is still drinking champagne in her robe while her friend curls her hair for her. We run out of time before the ceremony to capture wedding party shots so we are rushed after the ceremony to complete them all. The reception is running late and none of the guest know what is going on. The bride’s cousin who is a “great party planner” has been designated as the “coordinator” and is frantically trying to get the music playing and introduce the happy couple. There is no schedule for the rest of the night so the bride forgets to cut the cake or do the bouquet toss until half her guests are gone. The couple prepare for their bubble exit but the bubbles are no where to be found so instead they exit to the remainder of their guest clapping for them.


Wedding #2- Hired a Wedding Coordinator

Bride ‘B’ loves organization and planning, however she realizes early on in her wedding plans that in order for things to run smoothly she is going to need help on her wedding day. She finds a wedding coordinator that she feels comfortable with and hires her to help with planning and day-of services. Before the wedding day they talk several times to create a well planned out schedule for the wedding day, allowing for plenty of time for photos before and after the ceremony. I keep in touch with the coordinator through out the process and she sends me a copy of the schedule a couple of days before the wedding. I arrive at the wedding venue at the planned time and everyone is on scheudle, relaxed and having fun. The bride isn’t worried about where she needs to be or who should be doing what. The coordinator is in control of it all. We take a few getting ready shots and then head outside to take the wedding party pictures. Once the bride and bridesmaids are finished they head back inside to cool off, touch up make-up and relax while I capture the groom and groomsmen. The ceremony and recption run perfectly on time. The bride and groom get to enjoy their reception while the coordinator takes care of letting them know when they need to cut the cake, do first dances, toss the bouquet, etc. When it comes time for the exit the coordinator moves all the guests outside while the bride and groom enjoy a final dance. They leave through a glow of sparkler lights with a romantic kiss at the end.


Which scenario sounds more like the kind of wedding day you want to have?


bride and groom

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As a bride several years ago I made the decision to hire a wedding day coordinator for several reasons:

  1. I was planning a destination wedding and needed someone local to the area to help me plan
  2. I was in grad school and working full time so I didn’t have the time to plan everything
  3. I wanted to relax and enjoy my day, not stress over little details

It was one of the best wedding day decisions I made because it helped me relax and enjoy my day rather than stressing about all the little details. I could hand it all over to her and just be a bride!

There are tons of great wedding coordinators around the DFW area for you to choose from. I interviewed Britni from Borrowed & Blue Occasions and Amanda from Embrace the Day Events to answer all the questions you might be thinking about when looking for a wedding coordinator.

Meet Britni!


She is a local event coordinator in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. She has planned event large and small and knows exactly how to make your wedding day perfect. I asked her all the questions you would want to know about working with a coordinator and she graciously answered them for you!





How did you get into event planning?

One of my friends in college was getting married and asked me to help with her wedding! I was going to school and wanted to be a concert producer – at the time – and saw it as a great opportunity to try it out! I immediately fell in love with weddings and just started helping one friend after another and eventually turned it into a business.


How do you help brides before and during their wedding day?

My job is to support the bride and her fiance is their vision for their wedding. I love learning about their story and implement that into their special day! During the wedding day – I am there for everything! From emotional support, bustling the dress, moving a table, holding a baby while they take family photos…I have done it all and I love it! I love being there for anything that they need.

Cost is always a factor. What do you tell brides who  are concerned about the expense?

Remember what is important. In the end, you are still married – even if you didn’t have the budget for a $3,000 dress – that’s ok! You can still have a gorgeous wedding with a smaller budget, you just have to figure out what details are more important to you.

How do you work with other vendors to ensure the day runs smoothly?

I work VERY closely with them. The bride and I have a final walk through and meeting about a month out from the wedding & from there, everything is handed to me. I will initially contact them to introduce myself and make sure they have everything they need. From there, I will be the point person for them from that moment until the wedding is over. 

What is your favorite part of working with brides during their wedding day?

I love the smile they send me from across the room when they are happy! It makes everything worth it during that day.


Thank you Britni for your time and expertise!

To contact Britni visit her website or Facebook page send her an email


Meet Amanda!



Amanda is the owner and lead planner at Embrace the Day Events.  Her flair for fun and expert organizational skills will help you embrace every moment of your special day!  Her enthusiasm and outgoing personality will instantly put you at ease.




How did you get into event planning?

As a college intern for the Make-A-Wish Foundation,  I planned a
quinceanera for a 15 year old girl and fell in love with event
planning. I’m also the ’27 Dresses’ girl – I’ve been a bridesmaid in quite
a few weddings. I met a local planner through a mutual friend and worked as
a planner on her team for three years. I just recently started my own
wedding and event planning company, Embrace the Day Events.  I LOVE my job!

How do you help brides before and during their wedding day?

However I can! Each bride and wedding are totally different, which always
keeps me on my toes! But they can all rest assured that I will handle all
of the logistics and details for their wedding to make their special day as
perfect as possible.   My goal is for them to truly be able to sit back,
relax, and embrace each second of the day, because it goes by so fast and
only happens once!

Cost is always a factor. What do you tell brides who  are concerned about the expense?

Weddings can be expensive, no doubt!  As an event planner, I deal with
vendors and venues every single day.  Based on what the bride and groom are
asking for, I know what it should cost and can help them develop a budget
as well as recommend solid, reputable vendors that also want to make their
day awesome! By including a planner in their wedding budget, a bride and
groom are not only paying for someone to design and coordinate their day,
but also for expertise and peace of mind that they can relax and truly
embrace the day!

How do you work with other vendors to ensure the day runs smoothly?

Once the vendors have been placed on contract, I become the primary contact
for the bride and groom.  I make sure that I understand the expectations of
the wedding couple and communicate those details to all the vendors.  I’m
in contact countless times with the vendors before the wedding day to make
sure everyone is on the same page, making sure that they know when and
where to arrive, how much time they have for setup, how the venue will be
set up, timeline of the day and any special requests from the bride and
groom. On the day of the big event, all vendors know to contact me with any
questions or issues, which lets the happy couple just enjoy the day.  A
wedding is a MAJOR team effort – I was once referred to as the quarterback
of the team, which is a great way to put my role into perspective!

What is your favorite part of working with brides during their wedding day?

I just got married in April, so I know how important and
special yourwedding day is. What an honor it is to be a part of the best
day of their lives! There are tons of moments throughout the day that I
love, but my favorite has to be seeing the couple’s reaction when the see
their reception space and everything finally coming together. It makes the
hard work and sleepless nights totally worth it!


Thank you Amanda for your time and expertise!

To contact Amanda visit her website  or send her an email at



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