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8 Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue


choosing your wedding venue


One of the first things brides do when planning a wedding is choose their wedding venue. Typically the venue sets the tone for the rest of the wedding. It can determine the size of the guest list, the actual wedding date and the overall ‘style’ of the event. Choosing your venue might seem simple, but there are a few key factors to consider before signing on that dotted link….

Things to Look for in a Wedding Venue




  • Will it Fit All Your Guests?


Capacity is one of the biggest factors you will focus on when considering your venue. Before even beginning to think about a venue you must know how many guests will be in attendance. If you come up with a count of 300 guests and assume only 225 will show up, play it safe! Ensure that if all 300 guests wanted to attend, they could. You also want to make certain that it would be a comfortable fit. If 300 guests are pushing the capacity then find somewhere else. The last thing you want is everyone bumping elbows and loved ones trying to squeeze their way to the restroom just for some space.



  • Theme and Vibe Match Your Vision


This could be common-sense but it is still an essential factor. Sometimes it can be easy to get sucked into the beauty of a certain venue that you forget the rustic wood will clash with your Elegant Glam theme. You will want to look back at your photographs and feel that your venue complimented your vision perfectly. There are so many different venues to choose from and I can assure you that you will find the perfect one to match your special vision.



  • What Services Will They Provide?


Many wedding venues will provide services within their priced bundles. There are certain services you’re going to want to look for. For example, you’re going to want there to be tables, chairs, plates and silverware. Otherwise, you will have to rent them from somewhere else and ensure they arrive the day of your wedding with enough time to set up. Another service you will want to consider is when the venue will allow you to start setting up. Will you be having the only wedding that day? Will you have plenty of time and space to prepare? The last thing you want is to be in a huge rush to prepare everything before your guests arrive.


  • Rooms for The Bridal Party to Get Ready


I understand that you might want to get ready in your home with your family and friends but sometimes it can be nice getting ready at the venue. You don’t have to worry about transporting everyone from point A to point B with full hair, makeup, and dresses. Also, most venues provide a bride and groom dressing room that will fit your party with plenty of room. It will also make for beautiful photographs with the dressing room matching your theme and other wedding day pictures.



  • Beautiful Outdoor Area for Photographs


Trust me, even if you’re having an indoor wedding, you will want some photos outside. Nature will provide the perfect element that allows your pictures to pop. It is easy to fall in love with the inside of the venue, but be sure to take a minute to tour the grounds and become familiar with its landscaping. It will also allow you to begin thinking about where you want the pictures taken and what will compliment your theme best.



  • Is There a Room for Your Reception?


Some venues will only provide a space for the ceremony. Which means you would have to relocate all your things and guests. There is nothing wrong with this and it happens all the time, but it just makes things a little more difficult. It would be easier to make sure your venue has a separate room for the reception or at least a cocktail area. A cocktail area would provide a space for your guests to mingle while the ceremony room transforms into your reception room.



  • Is There Parking?


This may be another common-sense factor but it is still important. You need to ensure that the parking is close to the venue and easily accessible. It is also very important to have plenty of parking, even more than your expecting to need. You never know how many cars a family may decide to take or if surprise guests decide to make an appearance. Having those extra spaces will save you from the hassle of trying to find a spot for your loved ones to park while preparing for your big day.



  • Stay Within Your Budget


Obviously, you want to ensure that the venue is within your budget. I recommend creating a budget before hand with the maximum amount you’d like to spend and stick to it. As I have said, it is easy to get wrapped up in the beauty but don’t forget to think about your wallet. There is a plethora of venues and I can assure you that you will find the perfect one within your budget.


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