Choosing wedding flowers

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Flowers

Nov 11, 2018

Choosing wedding flowers

When you get engaged there will be so many things you need to start thinking about. One of the first things is your bouquet. What color should it be? What style fits my wedding theme best? How much is too much? I am here to put your worries at ease and answer all those necessary questions. 

 Choosing the Florist

The most important factor of choosing wedding flowers is finding a florist that you trust and feel will give you the look you’re wanting. There are so many florists and all will offer different styles and color options. You want to be sure to meet your florist in person, where you can tell them everything you’re wanting along with the style of your wedding. It allows them to get a better feeling of what style and color arrangement will compliment you best. After all, designing floral arrangements is their job and they will know what the perfect arrangement is for you. 

Deciding on a Budget

Along with everything else in your wedding, you should set a budget for the maximum amount you want to spend on flowers. This includes your bridal bouquet, bridal party arrangements, centerpieces and any other floral elements you’d want. I know, why can’t it all be free? Planning a wedding is definitely not an inexpensive venture but you want to be sure to spend the money where it counts. On average, you will spend close to $2500 on flowers for your wedding. If this is not within your budget, find a florist that will work with you to ensure you’re happy but also not breaking the bank. 

Finding a Complimentary Color 

By now you have more than likely picked out your wedding colors. You want all the flowers in your wedding to compliment your color choices. Some brides will choose to go with a classic all white with greenery and some will want that big pop of color. A colorful flower arrangement will pop against your white dress and the classic white arrangement will make everything look clean. If you ask me, both are great choices, it will all depend on your style and what best suits you.

Choosing the Arrangement Style 

There are many different style choices you can decide from, which can be a little daunting. But there is no need to fear ladies, that’s what I am here for. Here are some of the different styles you can choose from. 


This is a classic, tradition style that will go with any wedding theme. It is a grouping of flowers that complement each other to fill out a rounded top. This bouquet is ideal for any budget you may have, as you can decide on the density and number of flowers put into the bouquet. 

wedding flowers



This style would look flawless with a modern bride. It is a bouquet that has longer stems and is cradled in the bride’s arms. This is another bouquet that you can modify the density to create a more elaborate or modest look.  If you’re looking for something trendy and modern this is definitely the choice for you. 

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This bouquet style has been used for years, as it is traditional and formal. It has recently been trending for any boho style wedding and brides with a bohemian themed wedding need this flower arrangement. It goes great with all types of flowers and is ideal for that added greenery. Trust me, this bouquet in an outdoor wedding with a lot trees and greenery is the accent you’re looking for. 

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This is similar to the rounded bouquet but normally incorporates more greenery. It is known for being tightly wrapped with ribbon to give it a more uniform look. This look is best for a bride that wants everything uniform and simple. It is also a great choice for your bridesmaids. If you are a bride that wants to match your bridesmaids this is the bouquet for you. 

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This is very similar to the Nosegay bouquet style but is just a little smaller with less greenery. It is also normally wrapped with a ribbon and is easily held in one hand. I know that there are some brides that would prefer to keep things simple and not have a bouquet to hold. Although if you ask me, I think all brides need a bouquet. It will complete your ensemble and it makes for some amazing photo ops. This style is for those brides who don’t think they want a bouquet, it is simple while still creating the bridal feel.

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There are so many different style of arrangements you can choose from. Take a minute to think about what style compliments your wedding best. Even if you are wanting a more minimal wedding with little floral accents or just don’t like flowers, consider a simple bouquet choice. You’ll be happy you did when you get to toss it to your friends and have those amazing photos with you and your bouquet.



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