Building strong relationships

How to Build Strong Relationships

Jul 15, 2019

Building strong relationships

I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to have a strong relationship

-with yourself

-with your significant other

-with your family and friends


Starting a relationship is easy, it usually starts with a simple conversation or a shared connection. BUT, maintaining that relationship takes a LOT more work.


No relationship is perfect all the time. There are going to be highs and there are going to be lows. But as long as you (and the other person) are willing to put in the work you can build a strong and lasting relationship.


Here are some tips for building a healthy relationship:


Love yourself

-Being comfortable with yourself and who you are as a person allows you to feel confident in your relationships. If you don’t love yourself then it’s really hard to love other people. Negative self-talk and beliefs can keep you from feeling like you are worthy of the relationships in your life. 



-Strong communication is key to any great relationship. Ask questions, listen to what the other person has to say and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Being able to work through the challenging times makes the fun times even better. 


Be Honest 

-There are few things that harm a relationship more than lies and a lack of trust. The easiest way to build trust is to be truthful. 


Give each other some space 

-Good relationships need room to grow. Spending all your time with one person isn’t healthy. You need time for yourself, time with other people and time together. It’s all about balance. 


Agree to Disagree 

-You’re not always going to see eye to eye and that’s ok. Part of what makes a relationship great is being able to learn from each other. When you come to a topic that you don’t agree on, it’s important to respect each other’s opinions and ideas.


Forgive and ask for forgiveness 

-You are going to make mistakes, it’s part of human nature. Be willing to own your mistakes, ask for forgiveness and offer forgiveness when needed. 


Support Each Other

– There is no greater feeling that knowing the people you care about have your back and support you no matter what. When someone you love accomplishes something, let them know you are proud of them. When they are struggling, be there for them. Little gestures can make a huge difference.


Building a great relationship is kind of like keeping your body in shape. It takes hard work and it’s never ending. You are constantly having to build and maintain the relationships that are worth keeping around. But when you put in the work, the results can be incredible. Nothing is more rewarding in life than having strong relationships. 




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