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Wedding Dresses: Silhouettes

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As many women know, the holidays are a huge time for proposals. Now that we have passed Valentine’s Day, most of the popular engagement holidays are behind us and there are so many newly engaged couples, (YAY, CONGRATS)! If you haven’t already, go check out the “What’s Next” blog post to see where to begin in your wedding planning journey. One of the first things you’ll do is start researching wedding dresses. This blog is going to help you learn all about the different dress silhouettes before you start shopping. 

Picking a dress is a completely personal decision but there are different silhouettes that flatter certain body types. This blog is going to break down the silhouettes and how they flatter what body types and also how they complement what wedding themes. 


An A-line silhouette is one of the most versatile dresses in the bridal world. It flatters every single body shape and goes with any kind of wedding theme. A-line dresses are tight at the bust and become flowy at the waist line. They make your waist look tiny while staying comfortable and simple. If you’re wanting to remain comfortable throughout your wedding day or want a dress that will be easy to dance in, this is your dress. An A-line dress looks great for any theme but mostly compliments any whimsical, simple, and rustic wedding themes. Its silhouette is timeless and you will look back at these pictures for years without ever regretting this dress. 

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When I think of mermaid dresses, I think of glamour, sultry and elegance. A mermaid dress accentuates all parts of your body and really shows off the curves. It is tight all the way down to the bottom where it stops about mid-thigh and has a big flared skirt to finish it off. This dress is meant to show off an hourglass shape with its emphasis on the hips and waist. Mermaid dresses look so good on women with curves and really accentuates their figure in a sultry way. Although, this silhouette is not going to be as comfortable as the others. Its tight shape makes it a little harder to walk comfortably or dance a lot. This dress complements a glamourous wedding with a bride that is all about the drama. 

mermaid wedding dress



A sheath dress is very similar to a mermaid but it does not have the big flared skirt at the bottom. Sheath silhouettes hug the body in a very natural way, as well as elongating the body. This dress looks great on a lot of figures but really compliments petite women with small features. This gown will accentuate your natural shape without swallowing you whole. Its minimalistic and modern feel will go perfectly with a simple wedding for the modern bride. Because the dress is so simple it allows you the freedom to add accessories that make it come to life. If you are a bride with the dream of a destination or less formal wedding, this dress is perfect for you. 

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Ball gown

This silhouette is what princess dreams are made of. If you are the bride that has been dreaming of her fairytale wedding since you were little, this dress is meant for you. Ball gowns have a similar fit to an A-line but a bigger skirt. It hugs the bust, accentuates the waist, and goes into a full skirt creating that princess look. This dress looks amazing on so many shapes and does a great job of creating that bridal moment. If you are on the bustier side you will love this silhouette because its full skirt does a great job at balancing everything out. Ball gowns are timeless and will never go out of style. It goes great with elegant, fairytale, or grand wedding themes. It is one of my favorite dress shapes and really brings out that bridal feeling. 

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This effortless silhouette is perfect for the easy-going bride that wants to keep everything simple. Short dresses will still give you that bridal moment without being a complete gown. A short silhouette is known for stopping right below the knee and a tea-length will go to the mid-shin. This silhouette is great for a reception dress, a quick city hall ceremony, or even a backyard wedding during the summer. You can dress it up with any shoes you want, some great accessories and a simple veil to complete the look. 

short wedding dress


As I said, picking a dress is a personal and exciting experience. This blog is meant to inform and not meant to make you feel tied to a specific silhouette. Embrace the moment and you will find the dress that truly speaks to you. 


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