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Wedding Planning | 5 Things That Will Make Your Guests Say, “That was the best wedding ever!”

Wedding Planning

When planning your wedding, it is normal to stop and think “I want this to be the best wedding anyone’s ever been to!” Although, it can be hard to know what it takes to have the best wedding ever. After attending so many weddings, I am here to tell you what will make your day stand out to your guests. 

Up-Beat Energy 

This is basically a must for any event but most importantly, a wedding. I’m sure plenty of you have been to an event where you remain sitting the whole time and feel kind of bored. A great way to keep this from happening is to keep the guests engaged. Walk around and talk to your guests, keep the music fun and find opportunities to involve everyone there. Pinterest has so many cute wedding games you can play to keep the guests interested and ensure that they enjoy their time. Furthermore, your guests will feel a certain energy coming from you and your groom. Making your vows and ceremony special to your relationship will ensure your guests feel that special spark between you and your groom. Nothing is better than leaving a wedding thinking about how much that couple is meant to be together. That energy of love will be something your guests remember most from your wedding. 

Great Food 

Food is one of the biggest factors in having an amazing wedding. If the food isn’t good then people will be hungry and wanting more. A nice touch is to have a cocktail hour directly after the ceremony with appetizers that will tide your guests over until the main course. You can do buffet style or have a menu for the main course but I recommend having plenty options either way. Variety is crucial when it comes to food because all your guests will prefer something different. Although, the most essential thing about the food is that it tastes good. Nothing is worse than going somewhere and having so much fun, only for the food to not be up to par. This will put a big damper on the guests overall feeling of the whole wedding.  

Great Music

As many of you probably know, great music is a must for a memorable wedding. Whether your family is full of people who dance or people who sway in the background, the music will keep the atmosphere exciting. If you like dancing, encourage your guests to get on the dance floor and get people excited. So many people are afraid to be the first ones on the dance floor but if the bride and groom are out there having a great time, the guests will follow. Even for those guests that don’t want to dance, the music will create that up-beat energy I was talking about. One great tip to ensure that everyone will love the music is to add a spot on your RSVPs for people to put a song they’d like to hear. It will make them so happy and excited to dance to the song that they chose. 


Your venue is kind of a personal selection. It is what you and your fiancé think will make your wedding magical and suits your personalities best. Although you should make this decision purely from what feels right, you still want it to match your wedding vibe and look. If you are having a rustic wedding, ensure that your venue shows that and creates that feeling. If your venue and wedding vibe clash then the whole night will feel a little misplaced. This will make your guests wonder, “why did they choose this venue?” Rather than, “this venue suits the bride and groom perfectly, what a great choice!” As I said, go with your gut, go with what makes you happy and what feels right for your wedding. Just ensure, that everything compliments each other nicely. 

Ambiance is similar to the venue but it is the overall feel of the whole wedding atmosphere. You want your venue and wedding vibe to compliment each other nicely but everything else needs to flow as well. You will want to ensure that your flowers, center pieces, colors, and even food choices compliment the overall wedding theme. When everything comes together and works well it makes the wedding experience one to remember. The music also has a lot to do with this, if the music is fun and people are enjoying themselves the atmosphere will feel so much more fun and exciting. This is a big day for you and so many other people involved, so make sure that ambiance reflects this. It will be one of the main factors that make your guests leave thinking, “that was the best wedding I’ve ever been to!” 

Every wedding is different and people have different traditions they like to keep to. Just be sure to make your wedding special to you and enjoy your day. As much as you want everyone to enjoy their time and think it was “the best wedding ever,” it is your wedding and the only opinion that matters is your own. If you feel that your big day was amazing, then I can assure you it was perfect to everyone else as well. 


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