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Wedding Dresses : What to Look For When Buying a Dress

Wedding Dress Shopping

Looking for a wedding dress is similar to looking for a wedding venue. You want it to match your theme, fit into the budget and compliment everything about your wedding. When you begin looking for a wedding dress, you’ll realize it is a stressful decision. How does a girl pick the one dress she’s been dreaming of her whole life? There are many elements that will factor into your final decision. These are a few of the main ones you should pay attention to. 


The style of the dress is similar to the theme of your venue. You want it all to come together and complement each other, as well as, give off an overall vibe. If you are having a bohemian wedding theme, find a dress that is boho style that will complement your wedding. This all comes down to the length of the dress, the train style, if there is lace on the dress, and even if it has sleeves or not. I recommend doing a lot of research on which style you like and why you like them. It will be a big help when you begin to look through all the dresses. Stay tuned for a blog post going more in depth on the different wedding dress styles in this new year. 


As girls, most of us spend our whole lives thinking about whether we will wear a ball gown or a sheath fit wedding dress. Of course, as little girls we want a ball gown like a princess and as women we want a sheath to really accent our bodies. It is normal for your idea of fit to change a lot as you grow and even as you go through the wedding process. So many women go into a store swearing they want an A-line cut but once they put on that mermaid they are sold. Therefore, try not to be too set on a specific silhouette because you never know how you’ll react to the dress you never thought you’d love. If you are unsure of what kind of silhouette you may like, try on a few different ones. Be sure to listen to your body and find the dress that complements your figure best. 


Believe it or not, there is a huge range of colors you will have to choose from when dress shopping. There are many different kinds of ivory and white, as well as, the pops of color. You will want to find what suits your wedding and style best. If you don’t think that you look good in pure white then go with a hue of ivory. If you feel that you want something different from the usual then get a blush, blue or even black dress. Blush and blue are new to the wedding dress scene but they make for the perfect dress for that unique bride. As many know, it is traditional to wear a white dress on your wedding day. Although, these days many women are choosing to go with an ivory instead. Don’t be afraid to challenge the norm and get the color that you like best. You will have so many options to choose from so don’t get too caught up in the color until you’ve found the one. 


To me, accessories are a huge part of your wedding dress. The veil, belt, jewelry and head pieces will complete the look and really transform you into a bride. When you find your dress, ask your consultant to show you some accessory pieces that complement your dress. Belts make a perfect piece to draw in your waist and add some bling. Jewelry and headpieces add the necessary pop that brings the whole look together. Lastly, the veil is what makes you look like a bride. It will turn any dress into a wedding dress. I know that some brides are not into the veil look but trust me, there are so many simple veils that won’t draw too much attention but still add that bridal look. All of these accessories play a key role in making you look bridal, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and play around. 


As with everything in your wedding, you need to go into the dress buying experience with a budget already decided upon. It can be so easy to fall into the magical land of beautiful dresses and go budget blind. There are so many gorgeous dresses all around in a range of prices. Don’t feel defeated if you can’t find the perfect one within your budget, I promise your dress is out there. The major rule that I tell every bride-to-be is do not try on a dress that you cannot afford. If you fall in love with that dress it will cause every dress after that to be nothing in comparison. Trust me on this one, it will save you from so much stress. There are also so many different payment options when buying a wedding dress. Don’t be afraid to ask the manager or your consultant about your options. 


Wedding dress shopping is going to be such a special and exciting experience. You will experience so many emotions and have decisions to make. It is natural to want to stop and buy the first dress you fall in love with. But I highly recommend either sleeping on it or going to another store, just to be sure. It will allow you some time to process the big decision and really evaluate all the features of the dress. If you decide it is still the one for you or you find another dress, you will know for sure that you made the right decision. 


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